Installation Kits

Installation Kits
Our Wheel installation kits include everything that is required for the installation of aftermarket / custom aluminum wheels on passenger cars, trucks and SUVs.

Wheel Installation Kits for 5-lug vehicles come with 16 chrome acorn (conical seat) lug nuts, 4 wheel locks and a key and 4 chrome sleeved valve stems.

(Kits for 6-lug trucks come with 20 chrome lug nuts, 4 wheel locks with one key and 4 chrome sleeved valve stems).

The lug nuts in our wheel installation kits come in different thread sizes such as 1/2" R.H., 7/16" R.H., 12x1.25mm R.H., 12x1.50mm R.H., 14x1.5mm R.H., 14x2mm R.H. and others.

When ordering you don't need to know what type of lug nuts (thread size) you will need for your vehicle. All we will need in order to select the right lug nuts for your application is to know the exact year, make and model (which is an information that you will be able to add to your order after you place the item in the shopping cart).

PS: We are not currently offering lug bolts for foreign vehicles such as Mercedes Benz, Audi or VW. We only carry acorn (conical seat) lug nuts suitable for the installation of aftermarket/custom aluminum wheels on most American made and imported passenger cars, light trucks and SUVs.

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