Chrome wheel installation kit - Acorn Lug-nuts

Chrome Lug-nuts
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Product Description

Complete set of chrome plated Acorn (conical seat) type lug-nuts with wheel locks, key and chromed valve stems

We will know exactly what type of lug-nuts to ship to you based on your particular application (year and model of your vehicle - we will get this information from you when you continue with your order).

WHEEL INSTALLATION KITS SOLD BY CUSTOM WHEELS MARKET: Custom Wheels Market makes all eforts to select lug-nuts and/or lug-bolts that are proper to install aftermarket wheels on vehicles that maintain its original specs as to the wheel assembly, however customer is required to inspect these parts carefully for proper size and type. In doubt, please check with a professional wheel installation shop or consult your vehicle dealership. Custom Wheels Market accepts no responsibility for wrong or unsuitable parts (lug-nuts, wheel locks, lug-bolts, bolt locks, wheels and tires) shipped to customers. In case you need to return or replace incorrect parts received, please contact us for detailed instructions.