General Tire Information

General Tire Information

The only contact a vehicle has with the road is each tire's contact patch. A tire's contact patch provides traction and responsiveness when accelerating, braking and cornering forces are generated for vehicular control. Because many dynamic performance demands are placed on a tire, interaction between a tire and the wheel on which it is mounted is critical. Proper choice of both tire and wheel is necessary to achieve efficient transmission of braking, accelerating, and cornering forces through the drive train and suspension components.

Calculate aspect ratio. Divide the tire's section height by its section width.

For the increase in section width, multiply 0.2" by the corresponding five increments for a total of 1.0." Adding that to the original section width results in a new measurement of approximately 11.2".

Because the overall diameter of a radial is determined by its belts, this tire's overall diameter should remain virtually unchanged.

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