22x9" Cadillac Escalade Platinum 2010 Style Gloss Black OE 5358 Replica Wheel Rim

22x9" Cadillac Escalade Platinum 2010 Style Gloss Black OE 5358 Replica Wheel Rim

Item# 132GB-2295831
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  Item description

22 inch 22x9" Cadillac Escalade Platinum (2010) OE Replica Gloss Black aluminum wheel rim 6x5.50" lug pattern (same as 6x139.7mm), +31mm offset (6.22" backspacing) 


Manufacturer's part number: 132GB-2295831

Hollander catalog part number: 5358

(Price shown is for a single wheel. If you want more than one wheel just add the desired quantity to your shopping cart)


(Direct fit for Cadillac Escalade 2002-2016, Chevy and GMC 6-lug Trucks 2wd and 4wd 1999-2016)

Note: Some Cadillac, Chevy and GMC truck models may have stock wheels and tires smaller than 22" - please check your stock wheel / tire size before buying new wheels or tires


Recommended size tires (OE overall diameter):

Cadillac Escalade 2002-2006: 275/45-22 - Note: Cadillac Escalade 2002-2006 models stock wheels and tires are smaller than 22"
Cadillac Escalade 2007-2016: 285/45-22

Chevy / GMC Trucks 1999-2016: 275/45-22 - Note: Chevy and GMC truck pre-2007 models stock wheel/tire sizes are smaller than 20" - Avalanche, Suburban, Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks 2007-up may have stock 20" wheels and tires - Note: Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon 2014-2016 may have stock optional 22" wheels and tires (Please check the size tire currently on your vehicle before buying new wheels or tires)

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  Vehicle Application List:  


The wheel in this listing will fit directly on all stock vehicles listed below:

(PS: Vehicles with 6-lug wheels - will not fit 5 or 8-lug trucks)

Cadillac Escalade (2002-2016)
Chevy Avalanche 1500 (2002-2013)
Chevy Silverado 1500 (1999-2016)
Chevy Suburban 1500 (2000-2016)
Chevy Tahoe (2000-2016)
GMC Sierra 1500 (1999-2016)

GMC Yukon / Denali 1500 (2000-2016)


  Wheel Specifications: 

Wheel Size: 22x9" (fits front and rear)

Wheel Construction: One piece cast aluminum alloy

Wheel Finish: Gloss Black (Powder coated and clear coated)

Lug Pattern: 6x5.50" (same as 6x139.7mm)

Offset and Backspacing: 22x9 wheel: +31mm offset (6.22 backspacing)

Center Bore / Hub Size: 78.1mm

Center Caps: Snap on center cap is included (as shown) - OE logo center caps or other aftermarket center caps may not fit on these wheels (If you want a logo on the center caps, we suggest you getting logo decals / stickers to put on the plain caps that come with these wheels - please contact us for more information).

Lug nuts: These wheels going on the vehicles as listed above require M14x1.5 open end acorn (conical seat) lug nuts (Not included)

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Valve Stems: This wheel accepts Standard valve stem (Not included)

TPMS Sensors: This wheel accepts stock and aftermarket TPMS Sensors (Not included). You may use your stock sensors. In this case a TPMS sensor valve rebuild kit is required. Rebuilding the valve portion of the TPMS sensor insures an air tight seal. Unless a TPMS triggering tool is purchased, new TPMS sensors must be initialized at a Tire Shop that has a triggering tool or at the dealer. (If you install wheels with standard valve stems (without TPMS sensors) the vehicle's TPMS warning lights will stay permanently illuminated)

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